Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Home remedies for moles

Small clusters of cells that grow on the skin are medically known as moles. They are usually dark colored and may appear for various reasons such as Hormonal Imbalances, unhealthy eating habits, obesity and excessive sun exposure.  Most of these moles are benign (non-dangerous) and people often choose to ignore them unless they are located at some prominent part of the body. Though there are surgical options and various topical creams to remove them, but less expensive options and ways of mole removal at home are preferred by many.

Given below are some useful remedies that you can use at home and remove your moles on your own. However, we recommend all our viewers to use DERMATEND for removing their moles, because it is natural, 100% working and extremely satisfying compared to using different remedies and then end up with disappoint, because they take time for showing results and at times they produce no results at all, which can be extremely frustrating.

CASTOR OIL – One of the top natural mole removal ingredients is castor oil. It has been used by thousands of people to get rid of their unwanted warts, skin tags and moles. Different ways of using it include applying the oil directly on the mole several times a day. The oil should be applied only on the mole and not the surrounding skin. It will shrink in size and disappear completely.

BAKING SODA – Baking soda is a quite effective mole removing substance on its own, though often used together with castor oil. Baking powder or caustic soda cannot be used instead of baking soda. Using soap and water clean the affected area and pat dry. Scratch the mole surface to make it rough and allow the baking soda to penetrate. Make a paste of baking soda in water. Apply the paste on the mole and cover with a bandage to keep it overnight. Repeat this till the mole fades away. Users might experience a tingling sensation (that is quite normal and shows that the remedy is working).

BLOODROOT – Bloodroot is an alkaloid which is highly effective against moles, skin tags and warts. It is used a lot in wart removal creams. Clean the surface of the mole and scratch it a bit to let the bloodroot paste go inside the mole. Apply the bloodroot paste only on the surface of the mole. Cover it with bandage and repeat all the procedures until the mole falls off.

TEA TREE OIL – Another simple method to eradicate moles at home is using tea tree oil, that has a lot of medicinal benefits. To use for removing moles you have to scratch the mole by using an emery board and then apply tea tree oil on it and then leave tea tree oil overnight on the mole. After 2-3 weeks you can notice positive results.

FLAX SEED – Make a paste of honey and flax seed oil and apply this paste on the mole or skin tag twice or thrice a day. You will have to apply this remedy for at least 1-2 week to see considerable results.

GARLIC – A well known spice and an integral part of several recipes, garlic is also one of the most popular choices for treatment of many skin diseases. Take a garlic clove and cut it in half and apply it on the mole. Alternatively, crush the garlic and apply it, leaving it overnight.

DANDELION ROOT – Dandelion root is not only effective on moles but also on a wide range of other skin problems. Apply the milky sap of the root over the mole twice or thrice daily until the mole is removed

PINEAPPLE – The acid present in pineapple is effective as a home remedy against moles. Apply the juice of pineapple or the chopped pieces to the mole for several weeks to have a dramatic difference to the mole before its disappearance.

MILKWEED – The extract of milkweed when applied to the skin and left overnight should yield good results against the mole.

FIG JUICE – One of the best ingredients for home remedy of moles is the juice from figs. The juice can simply be applied on the mole for best results.

VITAMIN C – Vitamin C helps in healing the body by promoting cell regeneration. It is used for treating of a wide range of health problems. Vitamin C supplements might be crushed and mixed into a paste with water and applied over the mole. Leaving it overnight will make a noticeable difference to the skin within a few weeks. Fresh fruits that are rich in vitamin C can be applied directly on the skin.

TINCTURE OF IODINE – Iodine tincture, useful against a huge range of scars and injuries can be rubbed on the mole each night and left till the mole turns hard and scabs over. After this the iodine tincture need not be used. The mole will fall off or disappear.

APPLE CIDER VINEGAR – Apple cider vinegar contains K (potassium) which is useful as a cure against skin blemishes. It can be applied directly to a clean mole and washed off after 15 minutes. The results should be prominent within a few weeks.

CORIANDER – The coriander should be ground and made into a poultice which can be applies on the skin and left overnight. The mole should shrink and disappear within a few days

.ONION JUICE – The juice of the onion can be extracted by grating the onion and applied directly on the clean mole and left overnight. Wash the face in the morning and continue this for a few weeks for best results.

POTATOES – Potatoes are used against various skin ailments. It can be sliced and put on the mole using a band aid and left overnight. This has to be repeated every night for a few couple of weeks.

CASHEW FRUITS – Here it should be remembered that the fruit should be used and not the nut which is to be used as the remedy. The fruit can be directly applied to the skin for a month for incredible results. The fruit can also be chewed for a faster effect though it may not suit for many people.

CAULIFLOWER JUICE – The mole should be cleansed and the cauliflower juice applied over it. This has to be done for several weeks for the moles to gradually disappear.

RADISH – Using radish as a home remedy against moles is inconvenient as radish needs to be sliced and taped over the mole. The slice should be changed at regular intervals. This has to be done for quite some time to see noticeable difference.

ALOE VERA – Aloe Vera is widely known for its cooling and healing properties. The gel is available at pharmacies and can also be obtained from the plant by breaking the leaves. The gel is applied on the clean mole and bandaged to cover it. This has to be left for three hours before changing the gel and bandage.

WHITE CHALK – White chalk is incredibly useful against moles. It dries them up till they fall off. White chalk can be simply rubbed over the mole. Appropriate care should be taken to leave the surrounding skin unharmed.

HONEY – Generally honey is used along with other ingredients as a remedy against moles. It can also be used by itself It .can be rubbed over the mole several times a day. This has to be done for some weeks till results are observed.